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Social Wonder is an end-to-end social media management service.

We fuse creative energy, an obsession with technology, and deep beauty expertise to share your wonders with the world – so you can keep them coming.

How it works


Send us anything that should make it into our work flow - pics, videos, testimonials, you name it


We turn your raw materials into well-designed, engaging content that screams your brand


You have the final say. We send you our content, you tell us what’s working and what needs to change


We schedule approved content for the times that are most relevant to your target audience

Analyze & Improve

We collect data and analyze engagement with your social media to constantly improve results

We often get asked how are we doing such damn good work for
50% less than other agencies?

This is how:


We are the only social media service out there with deep expertise in hair salons and barbershops. We know what matters in your industry, and we know what matters to your clients.



By combining the craft of storytelling with the efficiency of technology, we are able to finesse your content, create continuous output, and minimize your costs, all while providing you with an intuitive – dare we say fun -experience along the way.

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