Salon Social Media Marketing Made Simple | A Quick Guide

Salon Social Media Marketing Made Simple: Top Tips & Strategies

We’ve entered into a new era, and it’s more obvious than ever that social media is becoming a driving force in our lives. From discovering exciting products and services to uncovering new trends—there’s no denying the impact social media has on our lives.

And today, it’s safe to assume almost everyone has a Facebook or Instagram account. Instagram alone has over 1 billion monthly active users (MAUs). With an estimated 28.88% of the world’s Internet users accessing Instagram each month, it’s clear companies can’t afford to ignore social media’s role in marketing.

We already know social media marketing can make or break a small business’s ability to attract clients and encourage conversions. Your Facebook profile might be the first impression a potential customer sees of you online.

So, ask yourself: are you taking the right actions to respond to their needs and nurture a relationship as quickly as possible? Social media marketing is one of the best ways to make that important push and keep you competitive in an otherwise rough market.

Don’t worry; we’re not going to make you sit through an hour-long lecture on the technical parts. This article will give you a useful overview of how hair, beauty, or nail salon owners can refine their social media strategies, so they can get the best return for their time when it comes to social media.

Sure, you might have an Instagram account already and maybe even a decent list of followers, but do you really have a solid plan in place for managing it and updating it frequently?

Whether you’re searching for an agency to help you out or just need some extra tips to get the ball rolling, check out how an expert would handle a salon’s social media strategy.

Why EVERY Salon Should Invest in Social Media Marketing

Advertising on social media has been emphasized time and time again, and you don’t need to be a marketing expert to know why getting involved on Facebook can be good for your salon business.

But you’re probably here because you want a straight answer, so ask yourself this first: are you interested in:

  • Getting more new clients to your beauty salon?
  • Gathering an online following?
  • Building brand awareness?
  • Learning more about what your audience wants?
  • Telling your current customers about new deals and updates?
  • Making your staff feel like they’re part of a community when working with you?

If any of these sound like you, it may be time to start extending your salon’s portfolio into social networks.

6 Steps to Start Using Social Media to Grow Your Beauty Business

Regardless of how far you’re looking to take your social media channels, every strategy begins with a plan or an idea of what you’re looking to achieve. Decide what your goals are for this project and check out these essential steps to reaching those goals.

Have a Plan and a Target Audience

Let’s admit it: not everyone is in the market for a salon treatment. Know who you’re talking to so that you can tailor your social posts to their needs and preferences. For instance, what age group is your main demographic? Should you use an excited, hip tone to attract a younger audience? What about an older crowd just wanting to look their best?

These attributes make up a buyer persona, which can include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Social media platforms
  • Interests and hobbies
  • What they want from a salon experience

Location is thankfully an easy attribute to optimize for. Wherever your business is located, use geographic hashtags on Instagram to point out where nearby customers can find you. #Toronto or #Chicago are some examples if you operate in those cities. But make sure to look for niche hashtags that are relevant to your local area as well.

A detailed persona will not only make sure you have a clear picture of your ideal client but also ensure that only the most interested followers stumble upon your social media channels and landing pages.

And, no. Don’t try to appeal to everybody. Being decisive about your target demographic is the only way to seem more attractive to potential clients without sounding like you’re aiming for everybody.

Having a target audience in mind will be the perfect foundation for your future salon marketing efforts and help generate more engagement from the people most interested in your business brand.

Choose the Right Platforms

Part of understanding your group of potential customers is knowing what social media channels they frequent the most. Not all sites will be ideal to focus your efforts. For the hairdresser and salon market, Facebook and Instagram have both been popular places to share haircuts and beauty tips.

Facebook, of course, is one of the most popular social media platforms out there with almost 3 billion active monthly users, and that figure is only going up every year. And Instagram is no slouch either with a billion monthly active users and plenty of momentum to keep those numbers going.

Of special interest to a hairdresser or salon is Instagram’s tendency to host beauty and fashion-related content and its appeal to the younger crowd, with a majority of users in the 18 to 34 age range.

There’s no “secret ingredient” in choosing which platforms are right for you, but try not to spread yourself out too thin. Focus your efforts on a few social media platforms first to work out your strategy.

Complete and Optimize Your Profiles

Sure, Instagram is a visual platform where the posts are almost always made up of pictures. But have you noticed that tiny bit of text at the top of every Instagram profile? This biography section is far shorter here than on Facebook and most other sites, so it’s important to have something impactful here:

  • A website link: Link to a landing page right in the bio. Use this opportunity to install a “book now” call-to-action button.
  • Emojis: This isn’t a LinkedIn business profile. Feel free to get creative and catch the attention of potential clients with emotes.
  • Hashtags: Instagram is definitely a site for hashtags, and the bio is no exception. Feel free to link to the pages of your staff members here too.

On top of those elements, write your bio in a personal, conversational tone. Mention what makes your brand unique. What are your values as a business?

On Facebook, a profile goes beyond just the short “about” blurb. Facebook pages for businesses have extra fields for including all the necessary tidbits that a visiting client might want to know quickly. Keep it short, as nobody really wants to read an essay while scrolling through the timeline.

Start with basic contact information like the business name, address, and phone number. Include some photos, of course, and make your main icon the logo of your business. Avoid posting general pictures of haircuts or salon products, as it can be difficult to differentiate your page from others in the beauty space.

Create Awesome Content

Getting new followers is super important, but keeping them there is just as vital to success. Remember to post content that will keep everyone coming back for more. Some ideas are:

  • Promotions and sales: These rewards are a tried and true method of getting new clients on board with your brand.
  • Details about your products: Salon-goers want to know that the products they use contain safe and healthful ingredients. Share some information about the items you sell and how they can benefit your customers.
  • News and tips: How-to guides for at-home care or short tips for personal beauty are all on the table for a salon or hairdresser.
  • “Before and after” photos: Think of social media as a place to show off your work. Take photos of customers before and after their salon session and share them (with permission, of course!).

No matter what you’re posting, don’t forget to include images on as many posts as possible. Did you know that tweets are retweeted 35% more often when they include pictures, as verified by Twitter itself? Social media marketing is a heavily visual experience.

Tailor your content to the target demographic you’ve pinpointed earlier. A lot of hair salons go for that young and modern feel, while others might even aim for a classic, vintage theme. It’s all up to what your customers are looking for.

And finally, keep an eye out for trends and relevant hashtags you could take advantage of. A holiday-themed post during the winter months is one way to give yourself that extra boost.

Post Regularly

Consistency matters in the world of social media. You want to craft relationships with your visitors and let them know you are still an active and vibrant company.

To help with consistency, check with your Facebook or Instagram page and see whether you can schedule posts ahead of time. A short burst of inspiration is lovely, but spreading it out over the next few days makes the most sense for a business.

Don’t be too enthusiastic though. Posting too often can come off as spammy, and nobody wants a timeline full of posts from just one page.

How often you post matters, but don’t forget to consider when you post. Facebook and Instagram both have business features that allow you to see when your target audience is online. Aim for these times to boost exposure rates.

Engage, Engage, Engage

Just having a lot of posts doesn’t mean much if they aren’t engaging to your audience. Engagement means that your posts are attracting more attention, and social networks naturally promote the posts with higher engagement rates. Some tips in this regard are:

  • Encourage users to take action: Use an active voice rather than a passive one. Include a call to action in each post prompting users to visit your website or make a reservation. Get a user to click or tap onto your post rather than continue scrolling.
  • Host giveaways: Who doesn’t love free stuff? Offering promotions like a discount or gift card is the perfect way to attract activity onto your page. In fact, some businesses even offer rewards exclusive to certain Facebook or Instagram posts. Use this chance to build awareness of your business by allowing users to share your page with their friends.
  • And contests: Ever seen those Instagram posts encouraging you to share a picture of your new haircut or manicure with a proper hashtag for entry into a contest? That’s yet another tactic proven to work for beauty salons.
  • Start a conversation: What does an engaging Facebook post look like? It’s one that starts a conversation. People like sharing their thoughts on platforms like these, so start asking questions that a spa-goer might ask. What’s the best cut for the summer months? What type of conditioner works best for my type of hair?
  • Respond to everyone’s replies: Respond to comments and questions too, as it shows you are not only active but also receptive to the voices of your clients.

Last but not least: just be active in general. It’s called social media for a reason. Don’t be afraid to comment on other people’s posts, especially when they have a similar audience to yours. Doing so gives you a voice in the field. Just remember to be genuine, as spammers are incredibly easy to spot and annoying to boot.

PRO Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Salon’s Social Media Marketing

That sure sounds like a lot of work, but don’t sweat it. Getting acquainted with a social media marketing strategy isn’t difficult once you put in the practice. Here are some extra tips to help you hit the ground running.

Present a Consistent Brand Image

Whether it’s fun and quirky or old-school and traditional, keep a consistent tone across all your social networks. It will define your brand and let you interact with the type of customers you specialize in.

A brand image can transpire in multiple forms, such as in the tone of your copy text, your choice of brand colors, and the types of images you post.

Being consistent in your brand image ties into having a focused target audience. Don’t just try to appeal to everybody; be specific and consistent in what you want to accomplish online.

Don’t Buy Followers

It’s no secret organic growth takes time. And while it may seem easy to purchase followers, we strongly recommend against it.

Here’s why. When you purchase followers, your engagement metrics won’t reflect the inflated follower count your profiles have. Simply put, all the likes, comments, and shares you receive will be far too low since the majority of your followers are fake accounts. This can directly impact your brand reputation, hurt your exposure, and even lead to account suspension or termination.

While organic growth does take time, the outcomes are worth the wait. After all, success in social media marketing is all about building and engaging with a community.

Create a Content Calendar

In addition to scheduling your posts to release at a future date as we’ve mentioned before, think about creating a content calendar to capitalize on certain dates and events. Examples include:

  • Christmas and other winter holidays
  • National Blonde Day
  • Easter
  • Thanksgiving
  • Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a classic example for salons and hairdressers. What’s a better gift than a spa treatment or haircut at a local salon?

Pacing out your content like this is an excellent way to make sure you always have something at the ready. Running out of material for your Instagram page can be a challenge to get through otherwise.

Take Advantage of Influencers

You’ve probably heard of Instagram influencers at this point. They exist in the fields of travel, beauty, tech, and everything else in between. These people have powerful followings on their respective networks, which you can use to your advantage.

Many people consult social media for advice on what products to buy, what beauty trends to go after, or what shops are the most interesting in town. Influencers tap into these markets through their strong followings.

Start by collaborating with micro influencers, or those with relatively small followings, to help promote your products and services. It’s not uncommon for spas to invite said influencers in for a free treatment in exchange for a boost in exposure.

Share User-Generated Content

People tend to trust individuals more than brands. That’s why user-generated content works so well. You can encourage this type of content by requesting reviews of your services online or getting other Instagram users to use your company’s hashtag. Don’t be afraid to ask, but remember to be tasteful whenever you do so.

A classic strategy used by salons and hairdressers today is to host a contest for a chance to win a discount code or a set of free products. Get your followers to mention you in their posts as part of the submission process. Let recent customers show off their new hair styles online this way.

Another thing you can do is offer incentives for word-of-mouth advertising like a discount on your next visit. Word-of-mouth is incredibly impactful in the beauty business for building brand awareness.

Introduce Your Team

A rigid corporate environment is hardly an ideal place to get a spa treatment. Feel free to let staff members contribute to your Instagram or Facebook pages. Have each one write about their favorite styles, the kind of work they specialize in, and their own beauty recommendations.

Better yet, get your employees to be your ambassadors online. Let them post about spa and beauty treatments online on their own personal pages with links to your business. More followers for them ultimately means more followers for you.

Not only that, but social media can be a perfect way to bond your staff together and get them excited about working in the hairdresser and salon business.

Switch to a Business Account

No matter what social media platform you’re using, have a dedicated page for your business and don’t just use your personal account. A business page typically comes with its own terms, conditions, and extra business-specific features that will be of use. Analytics and chances to promote posts are common reasons to keep to a company profile.

Get Help From the Pros

Okay, we get it. That’s a lot of information to digest in such a short time, and we’ve only scratched the surface regarding best practices and proven tactics of social media marketing for beauty spas and hairdressers.

But the truth is that you don’t have to go through every little technical detail yourself. If you want help from the experts, the social media marketing field has plenty of professional services to help you out.

Social Wonder, for instance, has had its own share of beauty service clients and understands what customers in this market desire when they scroll through their timelines and news feeds.

Social Media for Salons FAQs

Which are the best social platforms for hair salons?

  • Facebook is a must-have on your list purely because of its popularity and potential to reach a wide audience.
  • Instagram is the perfect option for salon business since so many hair and beauty enthusiasts use the platform and enjoy sharing photos of themselves and their favorite styles on it.
  • LinkedIn for its dedicated Beauty Industry and Salon categories.

What should salons post on Instagram?

Some ideas for Instagram photos to share include pictures of your clients after a haircut or spa treatment, products that you sell, company photos from your staff, and user-generated content from other people interested in beauty and hair care.

How often should salons post on social media?

Social media everywhere moves fast, and posting consistently is key to gaining an audience. A good rule of thumb is to post at least one per day. This can be either a post or a story.

Ready To Take Your Salon’s Social Media Marketing to the Next Level?

So that’s the gist of it. It’s more important than ever for businesses, especially spas and hairdressers, to have dedicated Facebook and Instagram pages to get their names out there. Once you’ve discovered your specific audience, it’s up to you to create engaging content and respond to posts in a way that makes you part of the community.

You might be thinking, “how am I supposed to keep track of all this when I have a salon to run?” And honestly, you’re not alone in that respect. Social media marketing can be a time-consuming process to get done right, but luckily you don’t have to do it all yourself.

Working with an agency can help you get the best results, especially when you choose a team that’s experienced in the salon business.

When you work with Social Wonder, you get access to that team of beauty salon experts. But more importantly, we free up valuable time that you can use to keep growing your business. Check out some of the ways one can help you.