Automate Your Real Estate Social Media with AI-Generated Content

World’s first and only AI-Powered social media management assistant for real-estate professionals! Starting from only $29/mo

A beautiful white house with red tiles. The house has a frame and Like icons representing an engaging social media post.

Our AI social media assistant creates and schedules targeted social media content, so you can focus on closing deals and growing your business.

How it works


Input your branding and marketing goals in our intuitive interface. Social Wonder's AI will craft a unique content plan for you


We turn your raw materials into well-designed, engaging content that screams your brand


You have the final say. Receive regular AI-generated content recommendations. Edit or create new posts with ease using our user-friendly editor

go live

We schedule approved content for the times that are most relevant to your target audience

Analyze & Improve

By incorporating your feedback and data analysis, our AI refines its content creation process, ensuring a more accurate representation of your brand and improved results

We are honored to service hundreds of agents from some of the top
real-estate brands across US

We often get asked how are we doing such damn good work for more than
90% less than other agencies?

This is how:


We are the only social media service out there with deep expertise in properties and real estate. Our proprietary AI algorithms are specifically designed for the real estate industry, ensuring highly targeted and relevant content. We know what matters in your industry, and we know what matters to your clients.
A house with dark blue roof and grass entrance. The house has a frame and Like icons representing an engaging social media post.



By combining the craft of storytelling with the efficiency of technology, we are able to finesse your content, create continuous output, and minimize your costs, all while providing you with an intuitive – dare we say fun – experience along the way.


Join hundreds of other entrepreneurs and businesses and take your social media to the next level! 

With our cost-effective and adaptive solution, you too can experience the remarkable results our satisfied clients have achieved.

Don’t miss the opportunity to unleash your real estate brand’s full potential with Social Wonder.

Different examples of beautiful social media profiles to demonstrate the work of Social Wonder.
Different examples of beautiful social media profiles to demonstrate the work of Social Wonder.


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Veeral Shah
Veeral Shah
I highly recommend Social Wonder for your social media management. Their team is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in creating and implementing effective social media strategies. They were able to significantly increase our online presence and engagement across various platforms. Their communication and reporting were also excellent, keeping us informed and involved throughout the process. Overall, working with Social Wonder was a great experience and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them.
Crystal Newton
Crystal Newton
Personally love using this because it takes away the stress of having to create content and remembering to post ! Huge thank to this co for what they do for me !
Tennille Ridgway
Tennille Ridgway
I have been using Social Wonder for the last few months and they have been great. Super easy…approve the content weekly and they do the rest. The articles are relevant and the pictures are attractive! Thank you Social Wonder!😃
Syam Tadavarthy
Syam Tadavarthy
Very easy to work with and keeps me organized with social media.
Robert White
Robert White
Never fails me with the great content and planning ahead with the scheduling part. I always look forward to seeing what’s next. Thanks Social Wonder.
Social Wonder made it so easy to create a social media presence that we didn't have before. They come up with relevant, valuable content for our customers to engage with.
Freddie B
Freddie B
There so many companies out there just looking to take money and offer sub par results. These guys ask a lot of questions to make sure they deliver quality results the first and each time. Very thorough
Jean-Paul Peron
Jean-Paul Peron
I will admit that I first signed up out of laziness but I have been very impressed with the quality of their posts & with keeping me in the loop of what is getting posted ahead of time.
Crystal Williams
Crystal Williams
Social Wonder has made a great difference in my business. I no longer have to find content to post to my social media platforms. They tale care of that on daily bases. I would recommend them.

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